Poems from Our Young Readers

I am a Muslim
I am a Muslim
And God I praise
For all His blessings
My voice I raise

In one God I believe
No equal has He
Lord of the Universe
Compassionate to me

Muhammad the Prophet
Taught me the way
To be honest and truthful
Throughout every day

The Holy Qur’an,
To life is my guide
It’s teachings I follow
Is Islam my religion.

(Ayesha Akhtar, aged 12)


Usthaji Usthaji are you feeling ill?
Usthaji Usthaji why don’t you have some pills?

Usthaji Usthaji why don’t you go to bed?
Usthaji Usthaji why is your face red?

Usthaji Usthaji are you fat?
Usthaji Usthaji you’re kind before all that

Thank you.
(Mahi Raihan, aged 10)

The Fraudster
Should we fear?
Is Judgement Day near?
The key to Paradise,
Is to see with your own eyes.
The universe that Allah made
And the land that Allah laid.

We need to pass our test,
We need to try our best.

I should pray to my Lord
And stay away from fraud
That shaytan wants to frame
And only I will be to blame.

To Allah should I pray
Today, tomorrow five times a day
Allah is our forgiver
Allah will always be our owner.

Never swear
Always care
You should never fight
Coz your in Allah’s sight.

(Amran Miah, aged 11)