Alok Bappa’s long awaited first album released.

One of the leading singers of Sunamgonj; Alok Chakraborti Bappa (Alok Bappa) who have been practising music inheritably has now released his first album “Achi Bhalo Tobu, Shada Kalo”. The album was directed by one of the leading music director of Bangladesh Sumon Kalyan. Most of the songs in this album are written by poets of Sunamgonj. One of the famous poems of Late Mominul Mouzdeen the threefold mayor of Sunamgonj municipality and great grandson of Hason Raja; “E Shohor Chere Ami Palabo Kotai” was also composed as a song in this album. Some new and fresh writers got chance to write songs in this album as well. The album was more than a year of work. The album is now available in the market.

You can also check out one of the songs here:

Sunamgonj is a district under the Sylhet administrative division widely known as a cultural practice canter for centuries. Hasonraza, Radha Romon and Sha Abdul Korim lived in this district and wrote thousands of songs that still inspire the new generations to become poets and singers.

Sudipta Chowdhury