An Extraordinary Idea?

extraordinary could they co-operate

According to the latest polls as revealed on TV – Labour could be 3rd in overall number of votes, but that doesn’t mean they could not win on seats, that’s not how it works.[1. For Example the LD’s frequently have good voter support – but it’s spread out across the country. To get anywhere in terms of seats your supporters have to be in clusters – ideally in the so-called “Marginal” or “Swing” Constituencies.] Chances of a “hung” or indecisive result looks higher than ever. Reportedly even David Cameron is considering how he might deal with the Lib-Dems if that happens – not natural partners you would have thought. Even more amazing: the very idea of a Conservative considering or at least talking about considering electoral reform – “Shirley you can’t be serious?” Given the speed at parties are want to cry “We must have a Strong Mandate in order to carry out our program” (which is pretty fast) – How much reprogramming of the corporate mind-set must that have required?

Mandate this: Sometimes the message from the electorate might be “We agree with some of what you are saying but not enough to sign up for the other stuff that we don’t like and we do like some of what those other guys are saying too…how can we go about this?” It’s the 21st Century, it’s the post-print, post-telly internet age. Sort it out.

This option has always been anathema to the other main parties perhaps more so to the Tories than Labour who have at least flirted with the idea and offered to consider the proposal and in the past have successfully worked with the Liberals in 1903, 1924, 1929 and the “Lib-Lab pact” with David Steel’s Liberal Party 1977. Until the Labour Party became aware of it’s whopping great Vesuvius sized landslide majority in 1997 Tony Blair was considering a coalition Government with the Liberals according to former Liberal Leader Paddy Ashdown‘s diaries.

Parties working together for the good of the country instead of trashing whatever the other does – that would be radical, that would be Change indeed.
Maybe it’s time to do it again?