Another Humourous Election Broadcast

This time from the “Hung Parliament Party” I was fooled for a moment thinking “Yeah I’ll vote for that!”.
It was the Conservatives exercising a little post-ironic wit (a little – not a lot). It was not the usual “here’s David playing in a sandpit with local kids while conducting a homely discourse on the importance of Change and how only we got it”.  It was indeed a change. Almost. They just had to spoil it by adding add an explanation at the end that any vote other than for them would result in a total lack of Change and result in just more Gordon.

Here’s the video, not quite Monty Python, not quite Roy Bremner but a definite improvement over the usual thing.

Their proposition is that disaster would occur if a government was elected with no significant majority (of Conservatives) and that such a government would not have a Strong Mandate.

Maybe that actually is the point – that perhaps voters aren’t willing to write any party a carte-blanche to do as it will for four years.

Parties very much like to have a Strong Mandate in the form of a lot of seats in the majority – as they believe this allows them to ignore the wishes of the perhaps 50% of the country who did not vote for them. They think that a parliament without a forceful majority would be unable to make decisions – ie. it would actually have to work things out and get others to agree with them in order to make decisions.
NB. This is not just a Conservative thing.