Asia Cup 2010 to be held in Dambulla

The Asian Cricket Council has announced details of the upcoming 2010 Asia Cup tournament which will be held in Damballa, Sri Lanka. The current holder of the cup being Sri Lanka who won it from India in 2008.

The teams from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and host Sri Lanka will be competing between the 15th and 25th of June.

The Venue:

Sri Lanka
The Teams:
Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
The Schedule:
June 15: Sri Lanka vs Pakistan at Damulla
June 16: India vs Bangladesh at Damulla
June 18: Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh
June 19: Pakistan vs India at Damulla
June 21: Pakistan vs Bangladesh at Damulla
June 22: India vs Sri Lanka at Damulla
June 23: Reserve day  at Damulla
June 24: Final at Damulla

(June 17th, 20th and 25th Reserved)