Black Dragons-Newborn Warriors

Ambia Khatun is a 14 year old high school student living in the North of England with her parents and 3 siblings. Ambia developed an interest in fictional writing at the age of 9, using the Harry Potter novels as her inspiration. Since then she has not stopped. Ambia has won numerous awards at school for creative writing. More recently she has had a short story published in the award winning regional newspaper Sylhet Times. Black Dragons is Ambia’s first outing as a published writer and she hopes you will enjoy reading Black Dragons as much as she enjoyed creating it.

It is now available at ISBN: 978-1-4415-0442-5

Black Dragons – Newborn Warriors

Annie a smart young girl, whose life is about to be changed dramatically. As she embarks on life at a new school, friendships are broken, family is torn apart, and new alliances are forged. As magical secrets are revealed, Annie must decide whom she can trust and she must face her destiny. Will Annie be able to handle the new identity that has been forced upon her?; Prepare to be dazzled by this story of discovery, friendship and the magic that we all strive to find within ourselves.