Brac Wows Westwood

BRAC UK held a meeting on the 25th March in Westwood, Oldham  hosted by xperime with a diverse range of high calibre attendants including Manchester Councillors Luthfur Rahman and Rose Battle along with representatives from education, the health service, members of the community and Singerkach Development Committee. The presentation was delivered by Jebi Rahman and Maher Anjum.  Jebi explained briefly the history of BRAC in Bangladesh and spoke of its origins in Bangladesh and its now international scope.

BRAC is a non-government organisation and has been quietly going about the business of poverty alleviation and empowering the poor since being founded by in 1972 and has now embarked on an international programme establishing itself in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the UK. Their excellence of their work is respected worldwide and Brac can count Prince Charles and Hillary Clinton among their fans with founder Fazle Hasan Abed receiving a knighthood from HM Queen Elizabeth II in a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace on February 26th 2010.
In the UK Brac has decided to focus on advocacy and  money management.

Porishad is a diaspora volunteering programme for British Bangladeshi professionals to offer their time and skills to support the work of BRAC in Bangladesh.
Development Awareness (beyond boundaries, a project funded by DFID was designed to focus on the development awareness of Millennium Development Goals for disadvantaged young people in Tower Hamlets, London).
In addition BRAC UK have developed a programme with Sightsavers to raise funds to undertake eye examination of 1 million people in Greater Sylhet and also provide cataract removal operations for those who cannot afford it.
So we now have an aid organisation founded in Bangladesh doing good work here in the UK. What a brilliant demonstration of the resourcefulness, capabilities of the goodwill of the Bangladeshi people.