Branding Bangladesh

Bangladesh Finance MinisterA question raised at the 25th March Bangladesh Business Opportunities conference held by the BBCC at Manchester University identified one of the hurdles to be overcome in increasing business and investment in Bangladesh and to help the growing tourist industry was “how do we change perceptions of Bangladesh?”.

It’s a problem. Bangladesh is situated in a region prone to natural disasters – many of which have hit Bangladesh hard. Bangladesh has also been afflicted by corrupt government which several times had resulted in Bangladesh being placed under military rule. This time however we are assured things are different and the caretaker government  finally gave way to the successful election of a new government in 2009.  Elections praised by international observers for their management.

Muhammad Faruk Khan, Bangladesh Minister of Commerce pointed out out that this represents a new start and should give confidence to investors and entrepreneurs at home and abroad and that he was striving to create a better environment for business and that part of doing so would be to show this new face of Bangladesh to the world. A world that  tends to think of Bangladesh purely in terms of “pictures of starving children” when it can be so much more and that the best way to send that message would be through people like those present – the diaspora of Bangladesh who share their success and spread the word around the world.