Brass Bands, Bollywood and Big Love!

Coming to a park near you! –
Ian Kershaw’s “Star Crossed” Star Crossed by Oldham Coliseum.

12-22nd July: Alexandre Park

This summer the Oldham Coliseum moves outside for the very first time with Star-Cross’d – a brand new, unfaithful re-telling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Oldham born playwright Ian Kershaw (writer for Channel 4’s Shameless) has updated the well-known tale of star- crossed lovers and given the play a decidedly Oldham twist. Robbie O is a typical tracksuit wearing lad who falls for Jude, a beautiful Bengali student from the local college. Their love is instant but shrouded in conflict as the Capulets and Montagues continue their turf war.

Coliseum Star-Cross'd_ PosterWritten by Ian Kershaw
Directed by Kevin Shaw
Design by Alison HeffernanCast:
Mina Anwar (Nurse/WPC Escalus)
Ian Aspinall (Capulet)
Adam Barlow (Robbie)
Sushil Chudasama (Greg / Parvez)
Matt Connor (Ben)
John Elkington (Old Montague/ Loz)
Anjli Mohindra (Judama)
Guy Rhys (Tyb)

This large scale production will include a community chorus made up of local young people, two local brass bands and a community choir who will work alongside a cast of eight professional actors. The production will also include a plethora of musical genres from opera to Bollywood and a distinctively Manchester based soundtrack accompanied by street dancing.

Star-Cross’d will be performed at various locations throughout Oldham’s beautiful Victorian park. The audience will be led by the play’s characters, setting down for scenes at the Lion’s Den, Victorian Greenhouse and the lake.

Grab that folding chair, roll out your picnic blanket, and join us for a spectacle of brass bands, a sprinkle of magic
and a whole lotta love.