Cartwheel Changing Gear on Car Crime in Darnhill

Cartwheel Arts is driving the “Changing Gear” project in Darnhill and Heywood.

Playing Fields at Darnhill Heywood

The £37,000 project aims to tackle the problem of vehicle crime in the area which includes illegal driving of cars mini motos and bikes, vehicle arson and theft with an innovative Approach. Funded by Home Office Crime and Innovation Fund, Changing Gear will have a creative approach and partner support and working will be important.

The playing Fields are a particular focus for the project which runs until December.

Targeting that area the project will fund the installation of barriers around the Darnhill playing fields to limit vehicle access and a diversionary youth programme and community participation workshops. Barriers to secure the playing fields are currently in production and will be installed over the coming months, stage one will see the perimetre of the playing fields secured and stage two (match funding dependant) will see the area near the adventure playground secured. Access will be maintained for pedestrians.

Community Consultation is currently taking place and you can post your views in the community postboxes situated in Darnhill library and in Guinness Northern Counties Offices or visit the drop in consultation meeting on Monday 2nd April, 11.30am-1pm. Project outcomes will be showcased at Darnhill Summer and Winter Festivals

The Changing Gears project has been developed with and is supported by a diverse range of partners. These include, The Greater Manchester Police, Community Safety Partnership, Youth Service, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, Heywood Township, Darnhill Festival Association and Darnhill Residents Action Group.

For more information please contact Kerry Bertram, Project Coordinator,O17O6 3613OO, or [email href=””] email Kerry Bertram [/email]