Catch Capoeira Conviver at TOAN Half Term

Capoeira Coviver at TOAN 20 Oct 2011

Celebrating 15 Years

Brazilian martial arts/dance masters will be in Oldham this half term. Capoeira Conviver are a Manchester based group and are celebrating their 15th birthday. A five day programme of Capoeira masterclasses will take place across Greater Manchester.

 The group will be at The Oldham Academy North on Friday 28th October 2011 for a public event.
Our PE teachers have shown a keen interest in Capoeira and are pleased to welcome Capoeira Conviver to the academy.

  • Capoeira is a Brazilian dance-martial art and the 2nd national sport of Brazil.
  • Capoeira is a martial art disguised as dance and developed over centuries into a complex art form.
  • The deadly potential of Capoeira was hidden from the slave-masters by dance-like elegance, acrobatics and music.


For further info about the Capoeira Festival contact [email href=””][/email]