Channel-S “Shundor Kore Bangla Likhi Programme” 2011 Handwriting Competition

Channel S

“Shundor Kore Bangla Likhi Programme” is a handwriting competition for young people aged 6-16 years old, commemorating International Mother Language Day. This celebratory event has been proclaimed in Bangladesh since 21st February 1952.

The purpose of the handwriting competition is for young people to explore the history and culture of Bangladesh. 21st February 1952 is a significant date in the Bangladeshi calendar as this was the day when the fundamental linguistic rights of Bangladeshis was established. This date is also historical in its own right, as it is often considered the first step towards independence of Bangladesh .

Languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing our tangible and intangible heritage. All moves to promote the dissemination of mother tongues will serve not only to encourage linguistic diversity and multilingual education, but also to develop fuller awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world and to inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue. 21st February is therefore regarded as a day when all Bangladeshi’s united and established their right to free speech.


There will be two groups – Group ‘KA’ and ‘Group KHA’:

6-11 years old will participate in ‘Group KA’; and

12-16 years old will participate in ‘Group KHA’


Due to the huge demand and success of this competition in the past two years, the competition this year will be split into:

a) ‘Primary Competition’; and

b) Final Competition’.

Primary Competition

1. Interested parties (ie schools/organizations/centres) will be required to register with Channel S in the first instance. They will then hold the competition at their own venues in different days across the UK . Channel S will only provide paper materials for the competition, the participants need to carry other materials (i.e – pens, clipboard etc)

2. Teacher/organisers of each school/centres will be responsible for organsing the competition and primary result will be announced by the judges on the same day.

3. Channel S will announce the first 10 (5+5) winners from Groups ‘KA’ (5) and ‘KHA’ (5) from each city on the basis of their marks earned. The winners will be invited to take part in the Final Competition which will take place at Channel S Banqueting Hall, London .

4. The announcement of the first 50/100 winners will also be declared in collaboration with other Bengali media such as newspapers. Channel S will also showcase a Live Programme where winners will be announced.

5. Channel S will film the whole ‘Primary Competition ‘ and broadcast the events at later dates .

Reporting Time Table for Primary Competition :


Date :Sunday,13th March at Bangladesh house (GMBA) Birch lane. Manchester.

Time 11.30 am

Final Competition

1. Channel S will declare the date and venue of the final competition when the results of primary competition are announced.

2. All 50 winners from Group ‘KA’ and ‘Groups KHA’ will participate in the secondary/final competition together.

3. Only the first, second and third positions from both groups will be selected on the basis of their earned marks and receive ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’, and ‘Bronze’ prizes accordingly.

4. Other competitors participating in the secondary/final competition will be awarded with runner-up prizes.

5. The full final competition will be broadcast later