Charity Evening

La Minhaz Balti House in Middleton organised a charity evening to raise money for the Mayor of Rochdale’s appeal. The charity event was hosted by Moshahid Hussain the owner of the business who said, “I am committed to local charitable causes and always ready to raise funds for the Mayors appeal just like in previous years. I believe in social reponsibility and look forward to supporting other worthy causes in Middleton and Rochdale.”

The charity evening was attended by many people as well the chief guest, Cllr Robin Parker the mayor of Rochdale. His chosen charities are British Heart Foundation and Rochdale Springfield Hospice.

The evening raised £250 for the cause and Moshahid Hussain added, “I will be hosting a number of events throughout the year promoting charitable causes as well celebrating the contribution of curry to our town.”

Pictures: Moshahid Hussain, the Mayor Cllr Robin Parker and others