Xperime / Clemon Cycle Tour 2010 – Sylhet – Cox’s Bazar

Sunset at Cox Bazaar Photo by Phil BuckleyJust imagine, finishing the 350 mile, 7 day cycle tour from Sylhet to Cox’s Bazar, sitting on the longest unspoilt sea beach in the world, with a Clemon drink in your hand, watching the sun set over the Bay of Bengal, in the background the Bar B Q being prepared with a open air beach movie being watched by invited guests and cyclists.

That’s exactly what the 12 cyclists from the UK are dreaming about right now – soon to embark on this exciting Cycle-Tour adventure organised by xperime.  Sylhet is the tea growing capital of Bangladesh, famous for having more than 100 tea gardens nestled beautifully on small hillocks.  Sylhet also known for being the place were Hazrat Shahjalal rests, being the torch bearer of Islam to the region.  Sylhet is also the home of more than 90% of the British Bangladeshi community in the UK.  Cox’s Bazar is well known for the worlds longest unspoilt sea beach, an asset which has been featured many times on the next seven wonders of the world competition.  The aim of the tour is to raise awareness of the impact of climate change, raise funds for charity, promote the cycle tour as an annual event, raise awareness of the untapped potential of tourism.

The preparations are in full swing, with a last minute rush of friends wanting to experience the delights of Bangladesh, registering for the ride. Our tickets have been booked, and training in full swing. The word of mouth conversations are generating more interest for another future tour. Well, it does have the makings of annual Tour De Sylhet to Cox’s Bazar.

Many people have been very supportive and helpful with the preparations including the Assistant High Commission in Manchester, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Manchester, our very own local Tesco store in Westwood and many family and friends both here in the UK and in Dhaka and Sylhet.

With the support of our sponsor in Bangladesh, Clemon the tour has taken a dynamic new angle, one which will be very enjoyable for all participants. There will 10 cyclists from Dhaka joing the tour, making the total number of cyclists 20. Inside U, a local band will be with us playing at the different districts we will be staying overnight.

Clemon is the number 1 lemon drink in Bangladesh and is part of Akij food & beverages. Clemon are not strangers to supporting sports development as they have previously been a sponsor for the Oldham Athletics under 20’s team visiting Bangladesh afew years ago and more recently sponsor the Clemon cricket academies and have also recently run a fantasy football initiative to get people into football.

This is years cyclists are coming from Scotland, London, Sheffield and Greater Manchester and they are good mixture of seasoned cyclists and also novices.  Philip J Buckley is a well known personality, he has already conquered the route with Salam and Azmol last year, but more importantly he has just returned from hungary after competing in the world triathlon for his age group.  Phil has been advising and also training some of the cyclists to get their fitness and stamina right before they encounter this epic journey.

As the days tick by many small tasks need to be finalised and completed including getting the tickets, arranging the minibus to take half the group from Greater Manchester to London Heathrow, making sure everyone has their jabs, double checking with the airline for extra baggage allowance, contacting various people in Dhaka and Sylhet about the preparations over their including the numerous press conferences, and tv documentary.

Anyone wishing to follow the tour daily can do so through this blog.  Anyone with suggestions and support for our charities are invited to email me.