Comedy Night and Family Walks This Weekend with Amana

June was busy month for charity events with races, runs, anniversaries and the Oldham Carnival. Now the Amana Foundation is kicking off July with two charity events coming up this week – on Friday it’s a Comedy Night at the Blue Tiffin and on Saturday a Family Walk for Life in Alexandra Park Oldham.

Tony JoZoe Iqbal

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Comedy Night features Comedians Tony Jo and Zoe Iqbal who will be performing on Friday the 1st at 7pm in the Blue Tiffin’s recently opened entertainment lounge and will be followed by the friday night DJ.

“Comedy is a good medicine for Mind and Body” says Amana thereby including the event in their ongoing health and well-being theme.

Tickets for 3 Course Dinner and Laughs only £15. Money raised on the night will help to establish Amana coaching centres which being planned to support young people with academic, literary, arts, sports and enterprise coaching to improve their learning and so support them as they journey into the future.

Food will be served before the comedians take the floor.

The Family Walk for Life
(not a run – a walk; easy, no training required ) and as it says, is for the whole family and stars: you! all the mums, dads, ‘ncles, aunts and grands out there. This one is in Alexandra Park, Oldham on Sunday 2nd, meeting at the park Main Entrance. It’s just 1 mile, a stroll around the park a time or 2 so why not give it a go. It’s to benefit the Water for Africa project – no registration fee, but donations welcome of course.:-D

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