Congratulations it’s a Miliband!

Ed Miliband in fact.

Ed Miliband and Muz Khan at Climate Warriors meeting ManchesterAfter weeks of ballot the Labour Party has elected a new leader to represent the party. We have met Ed on one or two occasions in Manchester and also here in Oldham and think he’s a good choice. A smart guy from the Brownish side of the party, youngish, fresh, energetic, with loads of new ideas and has also put in time keeping in touch with the Labour’s grass roots. We hope he can pull things together for the next election when the Liberal vote may well be split between those who feel they can’t desert the party and those who are disappointed and cheesed off. Kind of like when the Social Democrats left Labour then ultimately merged with the Liberals and “Old Labour” merged with “New Labour”. A real opportunity in the offing.

It’s worth remebering that while Labour may have lost the last election – no-one actually won it. It would been staggering and doubly historic had they actually won – as the previous victory had itself  been a historic term of re-election for Labour).

Ed Miliband, Cllr Rosa Battle, Cllr Luthfur Rahman at Climate Warriors Manchester