True Cost of the Digital Economy

digital economy jailAs a publisher the Sylhet Times does not have issues with protecting digital media content, something we have more than a small stake in ourselves and we definitely aren’t afraid of  technology – but nothing wrecks a nice bit of tech like a poor implementation: the  DEB seems to be one of those: pretty one-sided and offers draconian solutions to crush ants mostly and in doing so may itself run foul of human rights and due process if users suspected copyright violators and file-sharers can be be cut off or websites suspended with less than hard evidence tested in court.
Several of the largest internet companies including Google, Ebay and BT have signed a letter to the FT describing the bill as a threat to freedom of speech and burdened with “obvious shortcomings” over 18,000 people have written to their MPs against the act.
Presently the act is stumbling from amendment to amendment – what the software industry would call “patches” – updates applied to patch over faults in flaky program.
This bill should not be pushed through parliament with less than proper scrutiny of this potentially open-ended and far reaching  topic. It will be read and maybe passed on the 6th just in order to quieten the lobbies or to cram it in before the election closes parliament – rushed, lobbied and badly amended without full and proper scrutiny and consideration.
The true cost of the Digital Economy should not be open, honest discussion and debate. The industry, its customers and the voters deserve better.