Crossing New Borders in Greater Manchester Art Project

Bury participants construct their border postOn Saturday 1st October, a group of artists take to the streets for Borderlines, a mass-participation digital art project about the borders we cross in our everyday lives, which will be taking place simultaneously in three locations in Greater Manchester.

It’s all part of a creative writing project called Tell Us Another One, based at Cartwheel Arts in Heywood and funded by Big Lottery Fund and Arts Council England.
Participants come from several organisations: Bury Young Carers, Bury Youth Parliament, POG (Proud Of Gayness), Rochdale Young Carers, Rochdale Borough Youth Council, and Chadderton Court, a Chadderton-based centre for adults coping with mental health issues.


They have all been working with artists from Cartwheel for the past eight weeks, to develop the project.  On Saturday the group will be erecting “Border Posts” in central locations in their own towns, to represent an imaginary “border” that the group is interested in exploring – for example, the border between bad times and good, or between waking and dreaming. They will be asking passers-by to stop for a moment and send a text message in answer to a question about crossing this imaginary border.  All the texts received on the day will be displayed immediately on the project website.  By the end of the event, the website will have a collection of thoughts from the public about these small, everyday border-crossings.


Artist and facilitator Vik, who has led the project, said, “Society is often keen to set up these rigid divisions – between one place and another, one time and another, or even one type of person and another.  But in practice, the world is pretty changeable and flexible – all of us cross borders and pass from one ‘territory’ to another all the time, sometimes without even realising we’re doing it. We decided to use text-messaging to collect people’s thoughts about crossing these little everyday borders, because texting is something most of us are quite used to – we’ve developed the skill, as a society, of saying something that gets to the heart of what we think in just 160 characters. When you put all those short messages, from lots of different people, together in one place, you get a really interesting snapshot of how people feel about a subject.”

If you’d like take part, the border posts are running from 11am to 3pm at the following locations:
OLDHAM: behind the outdoor market, outside Greenwoods
BURY: Kay Garden
ROCHDALE: Exchange Shopping Centre, outside WH Smiths

You can see more about the project on its Facebook group – search for “Cartwheel Borderlines Project”. – and on

For more information please contact:
Cartwheel Arts O1706 361 300