Diamond Jubilee Fish Surprize

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It’s a picture feature about buying a fish. Yes, Really.

The staff of K-Media, publishers of the recently launched Bangla Newspaper “Kagoj” and friends will be joining in the Jubilee Celebrations on Tuesday with a Queen-sized 34kg Ayyr Mas which they landed at the Sonali Supermarket in the Anchor Mill, Westwood on Saturday. Also taking a nibble of the Mega-Fish was Delwar from Vamasaki Restaurant in Northwich who bagged 8kg of the beast to take-away. Come Tuesday A royal time will be enjoyed by all.

Participating in the Fishy Business were:

Hannan Miah, Mohsin Choudhury, Mujibur Rahman, Abdul Kayum, Kobir Uddin from Kagoj Media Group,
Delwar of Vamasaki Northwich, Abdul Kadir from BSSUK, Shiraz from BOPUK and Muz Khan from xperime

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