Do Schools have a Duty to Teach Moral Values?

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Schools have come under increasing pressure over recent years to provide a holistic education for young people. Schools are not just responsible for academic results. As a result of the increase in antisocial behaviour amongst young people more questions are being asked about what kind of young adults schools are producing for communities.

Communities have a right to understand what can be done. It is where our young people live and will work for the rest of their lives.


Students must be taught a variety of skills that will enable them to prosper personally as well as encouraging students to uphold high moral values through which they can serve their community. Examples of these personal skills are: Communication, organisation, preparation and teamwork. These life skills will ensure that our young people are prepared for business, work and further education.

Moral values

The lack of traditional values of honesty, integrity and respect are often lamented. I believe that these are essential basic ingredients which support young people and their development into adulthood. We have an obligation to nurture our young people in their growth into global citizens.


Respect is not just about manners. It is about personal respect for the body and mind. Students have to be taught to respect themselves first in order to show respect to others. Using our innovative curriculum to nurture and motivate students, respect will be a very high priority in our pastoral care. There will be zero tolerance of disrespect and we will ensure that pupils respect their communities and the environment around them.

How can we produce respectful young adults?

At The Oldham Academy North I will ensure that there will be dedicated time during the week for pupils to develop themselves and their character. This will be taught through the weekly Personal Enrichment Period and dedicated tutor time. My team will deliver the highest of standards and expectations in all parts of academy life.

If you would like to talk to the Principal Designate, Colette Burgess further about the new academy plans then you can contact her at:

Pennine House
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