At a recent event organised by Eco-Muslim at the House of Lords, Oldham based Mirzali architects were invited to present the project that they have been working on. The project is to deisgn a eco-friendly clinic which is to be build in Singerkach, Biswanath, Bangladesh. Anjub Ali and Sulaiman Mirza presented the concept and design which is unique and will include material which will be environmentally friendly complimented by Solar panels and a roof top garden.

This project is probably the first of its kind in Bangladesh and has been praised by Lord Shiekh who himself is passionate about the environment and the effects of climate change. Lord Sheikh is the chair of eco-muslim and has recently been attended a conference jointly organised by Kuwait and Japan.

The Eco-Muslim event was attended by many distinguished speakers including a number of ambassadors, the Uk governments head of climate change as well as professionals. The event organisers also extended their invitation to local Oldhamers, and Shamim Miah, Kobir Uddin, Professor Omar Faruque, H M Ashraf were also present.