EDL Protest in Hyde

On Saturday 25th February, the English Defence League came to march in Hyde. There were about 500 EDL members who came from all over the country, which were carefully policed by Greater Manchester Police. The community, Tameside Council, GMP and many other agencies worked together tirelessly working all hours for 2 weeks to ensure that there was no disturbance or public disorder in the small peaceful community of HYDE. the event went peacefully.

Hundreds of community people turned out to protect the masjid and local places of importance in Hyde and the Police praised the work of the community and its community mediators who helped to maintain peace and encouraged the young people to show restraint and patience. One young man leading the working group said afterwards that, together this community has shown that it is a peaceful community and one that does not want violence.

In addition to EDL the BNP also turned up promoting hatred towards the muslim community, however, they were small in numbers and were probably jumping on the bandwagon.

Local MP Jonathan Reynolds and many local councillors were also acted as community mediators and this was massive success for everyone involved in promoting peace and tolerance in the community.

Iqbal Ahmed

UPDATE: Hyde Council have said that they will be billing EDL for the cost of policing the event.

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