Election Beat#3 More Labour, More Curry

Michael Meacher at Westwood EastThe local Labour party held a rally on Saturday 17th at the Westwood East the all-star turnout included Michael Meacher MP, Phil Woolas MP,  Cllr David Jones (Deputy Major), Cllr Jim McMahon (Labour Group Leader),  John Battye (Former Mayor & ex-Council Leader), Cllr Abdul Jabbar (Former Mayor of Oldham) and Cllr Peter Dean.

All spoke passionately about their party and it’s fundamental commitment to equality – locally, nationally and globally – reminding us that it’s the very reason for the party’s existence and not something that can be taken for granted.

Naturally opponents were suitably vilified and the assembled were reminded of the progress and good work done by the Labour Party in Oldham in areas such schools, health, housing, regeneration and getting the Metrolink, which we were informed others (in the council) were claiming sole credit for. We also were treated to background info on some of the other candidates including the frequency by which some had changed parties in search of electability – which labour’s campaigners would undoubtably find useful on the doorstep.

No mistaking the fact that this election is being taken very seriously indeed by the incumbent party in Westminster who truly fear a “hung” parliament, or worse one where a Conservative government sneaks in by a whisker.

footnote: We are happy to report on any party’s election message in the interest of honest and fair democracy, especially if the have good food. Frankly, enough of the catering we want home cooked.