Election Debate no2- Who wants to Be a Prime Minister?

struggle 2 win

A quick summary of last night’s “Who wants to be a Prime Minister”.

Gordon Brown came over better than in round-one, as always in control of the facts and clearly knows the job, you can see he gets frustrated not being able to give a proper detailed answer.

David Cameron was still on auto-pilot, clearly well trained in the school of “answer the question you wanted to hear  and get the message across no-matter what the question actually was”, interaction-wise he seemed to have leaned a few lessons from watching Nick Clegg in the previous debate, doing his best to show “I am the reasonable one, you guys just don’t get it”. When pressed on some non-existant figures said to Clegg “you sound like Gordon last-time” – which was probably a mistake reminding us that he was once again stuck when it came to backing up an assertion with numbers.

Nick Clegg himself was pretty much as before and seemed unfazed and unscarred from the attacks of the Tory press that very morning, but more confident this time round perhaps as a result – after all when the Telegraph goes for you, you have to be doing something right don’t you?