At last it’s the 2010 Election!

Election announced may06

Finally Gordon Brown has announced the date for the UK General Election… it’s May 06th, anyone surprised?
So far our politicians have kept pretty quiet on all sides just the usual suspects doing the usual routines on “Question Time”. With tough choices for all parties all-round, cutbacks, tax increases, increased spending, ring-fenced budgets:  pick any two measures and someone will promise them as a policy one day and denounce them the very next.

Now the clock is ticking, the party faithful are being awakened and the race is on with just 1 month to get those messages out we expect to be hearing a lot more from all sides. It’s going to be a very close one, to close for anyone to call so every vote and will count.

To our Local Oldham Council and Parliamentary candidates

–  make every word count,  we want to hear from you – make your case to the community right here.