First Bangladesh Nuclear Power Plant Starts Contruction in Roopur

pylon more power for bangladeshOn 2nd October this year Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid the foundation stone at site of the proposed Roopur Nuclear Power Plant in the Ishwardi upazila Pabna in the north-west, where the first reactor of the pair is intended to come on line 2018 saying “It is a milestone in the use of technology in Bangladesh, I believe it fulfils the nation’s dream,”

Countries around the world are increasing concerned about the upcoming “Energy Gap” where in 10 years time they will be unable to provide enough energy for their gadget hungry populations. This is true in Europe and the USA, with several including the UK reconsidering the adoption of Nuclear energy as a way to fill that gap. A new plant is being developed by EdF at Hinckley Point with chinese finance. The new power station Hinckley C is the first to be built in England for 20 years and  will be able to supply up-to 7% of the UK’s energy when online.

The need is even more pressing in Bangladesh, at the mercy of aging gas-fired power stations which are currently unable to provide enough power for the country’s 150 Million people suffering a daily shortfall of 2,000 Megawatts. This led to the commission of a pair of 1000 MW reactors from the Russian state nuclear power company Rosatom in 2011 after getting approval from the International Atomic Energy Authority in 2007.

The 162 Acre plant is be built using “third generation technology” with 5 layers of security protection in line with IAEA directives. The construction will be overseen by the Russian consultancy firm Atomstroyexport to at a cost of $45.90m who will be conducting 63 tests prior to construction including feasability studies and environmental impact analyses.

90% of the Tk52.42bn cost (Tk40bn) of which Tk40bn would be coming via low-cost loans provided by Russia who will be building the reactors and training the operating staff in Bangladesh with the rest coming from local resources.