First Brick Laid

Mubaswir Khan Lays First Brick at Featherstall Road Site

On Friday 2nd April Oldham Central Masjid and Islamic Centre came one step close to realising the long awaited dream.  It was a momentous day being a Friday but also the day the first brick laying ceremony was conducted.

It was a ceremony in which the respected elder of the community who was the original proposer of the mosque Mabaswir Khan was invited to lay the first brick.  In an emotional scene Mr Khan who is going to be 75 said, “I cry to Allah every day to help us to complete this long awaited project and benefit the people”. Mr Khan has been someone who has been an anchor for the Bangladeshi community and also has played his civic role in the life of Oldham.

There is still a lot of funds which needs raising to complete the project but organisers are confident that with the support of the people who are donating regularly, Oldham will have a fine landmark building and superb facilities.