Halfords Tour Series Cycle Run Comes to Oldham

halfords tour series logoThe Halfords Tour Series came to Oldham Today with  a 1-Hour plus 5 laps race starting at 7PM following a day of fun cycling activites in the town.

The race followed a 1.1 km course circling the town centre and through the main pedestrian area; past the Spindles Shopping Centre along Henshaw Street, around the market, down to Yorkshire Street and back through the centre.

40 cyclists took part including international stars like Paris Roubaix, Ed Clancy, Andy Tennant, Steven Burke, Dan Browning, Rob Hayles and the Tour de France winner Magnus Backstedt. The average speed of the cyclists was 25mph (40kph) and it was thrilling to see them whizzing past only a few feet away.

The race will be on ITV4 tomorrow (10th) evening  but our video  following the cyclists over the entire route for 1 lap is available right here and now and in HD – it’s like being there with the all the noise and speed of the race up close.