It’s Not a Pad, Not a Pod, Not a Phone – but a Streak

The new Dell Streak: Just what is it?  It’s not a phone – but you can make calls with it, it’s not a netbook but you sure can go netty with it. It’s not a camera or a media player but it does that too. We checked it out when launched last week.

What the streak is, is very nice. It’s a bridge device between phone and tablet. It’s sleek and glossy and very well put together, it’s pretty thin and its touchyness is very smooth and responsive. Unlike a netbook or a tablet sized pad you could just slip it into a largish pocket without folding it (note: don’t try folding an iPad). It’s priced around the same as the basic iPad and they are both really nice gizmos.

[pullquote] Dell believe that the Streak:  Hits the sweet spot between traditional smartphones and larger-screen tablets.[/pullquote]

The current screen is 5″ in size – bigger than a phone, smaller than a tablet. The WVGA 800×400 resolution is clear and very usable, big enough to be easy to read and watch movies and do everything multi-touch and tactile with adult sized fingers. Dell have said that further models will be coming with medium and large tablet sized screens. So would you like small, medium or large with your fries?

The Streak runs Android and will update to 2.2 with Flash 10.1 later in the year. It has fast 1GHZ processor with 2GB of app memory and connects with 3g, WiFi and Bluetooth. It features a 5Megapixel camera plus a front facing camera for calls.  It has GPS and Google maps with navigation and Streetview integrated. It also has a removable battery and a built in MicroSD slot for expanding memory (up 32GB) so you can drop in cards of stuff, movies or presentations straight in instead of relaying them over wires or wifi.

Dell Streak - image courtesy of Dell

It’s is available now at o2 and Carphone Warehouse and online from Dell themselves soon.