Election Day – Time to Vote for Someone.

Election Jigsaw Puzzle

We’re not going to tell you who you should vote for.
As we said in a previous article – that’s up-to you and no-one should mess with it.

It’s OUR Council, OUR Government and we get to pick them.

A little while ago a couple of other places in the world also had elections, elections that cost a lot in every possible way. Places where they literally braved bullets and bombs to reach the polling station. Where real threat and intimidation would be routine.

They made it. – We can’t disrespect them by failing to do the same when it’s so easy.

Just walk around the corner and vote for whoever.

Our candidates may be not Obama-tastically ground breaking or inspiring (anyway we already have a health service don’t we) but they probably had something that inspired them at some point. However flawed or unfair the system may be at times – it’s better than a lot.

No-one you are voting for (or against) can make you disappear in the night for criticising them if they get into power –  in fact if you are really good at it you get awards for publicly trashing governments and in another four-ish years you can always change ’em.

No-one will be shooting at you and nothing will blow up.

So don’t blow it.