Just Help Foundation Opens New Office in Hyde

The Just Help Foundation has opened a new office at 141 Market Street, Hyde.



The new premises which opened on Friday 23rd will become the main base for the operations of the charity which is dedicated to alleviating extreme poverty.


An  exciting new project the “Saturday Supplementary School” is due to open and start on Saturday October 1st with Maths classes at the top of the list for the 20 young people who will be attending.  Aimed at all parts of the community – and focusing on the 14 to 17 age group – the aim of the classes is to help improve the achievement of those young people investing their time and effort to attend and take part.  Keith Parry, Education Adviser to the project, told us: “If any young person attends at least 15 of the planned 20 sessions, they will receive back every penny they have paid to attend the sessions.  This is to try to make sure they stick with it so that a real difference can be made.”


The official opening of the Foundation offices was attended by Jonathan Reynolds, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde who was very impressed by the dedication and hard work of the members of the foundation which has been active in several third world projects for the last five years.  He was especially pleased that the Foundation is now starting to build bridges between the Bangladeshi community in Hyde and other local people through new projects such as the Saturday Supplementary School, even volunteering to come along and teach at one of them in the near future.  He praised the efforts of the Foundation’s drug awareness programme in educating young people about drugs and the risks and dangers they pose.


Other guests included, the Bangladesh High Commission First Secretary, Wohidur Rahmman Tipu. He pledged his support to the Foundation and was also very pleased that the project will be bringing together young people from a wide variety of backgrounds to help them to become more successful at the start of their careers.


The Just Help Foundation Chairman, Mizanur Rahman Mizan, told us – ‘This is the fifth year of the Foundation, and I would like to personally thank all those people who have made generous donations, supporters and members for their contribution towards the work of the Just Help Foundation.  They have helped to establish the charity and enable the good work to continue. This would not have been possible without all their generous support.”


The charity has so far been active in several international projects including one to provide rickshaws for poor families in Bangladesh to help provide a source of income for their family (rickshaws cost between £100 and £150 but this is far out of reach of the poorest families.)  Other work has involved water projects, education projects, and one to provide mosquito nets to help prevent the deadly disease malaria.


Full details of the foundations projects can be found on their website: www.justhelpfoundation.org.uk