Labour Celebrates Recent Victories

Labour Councillors from around Oldham and neighbouring parts of the North-West gathered to celebrate their success at the recent by-elections.

Coldhurst Labour Celebrates

Jim Mc Mahon and Cllrs Farooq
Councillor Shoab Akhtar
Cllr Farooq, Rochdale
Cllr Lutfur Rahman, Manchester
Jim Mc Mahon Council Leader, Oldham
Muz Khan straight from Great Manchester Run


Labour gained a stonking 500 seats in local councils across the country as voters took the opportunity to vent their pain at the cuts being endured since the last General Election and  being implemented by the Con-Lib coalition. Under the circumstances it would have been truly amazing for Labour not to have done well at the polls with both the other main parties forming the government being responsible for such anguish. Even with their near invisible leader, Labour could have pretty much sat back and waited for the votes to roll in. However for the first time in years we did see them campaigning door-to-door, with the other guys no-where in sight. So congrats on that.

Labour campaigned to “Send a Message to the Government”. Message delivered +500.

Council Leader, Jim McMahon the Leader of Oldham Council promised a new school for Coldhurst in spite of the cuts; something locals have lobbied for. All speakers warmly welcomed the newly elected council members of Oldham, and also some bright and rising young stars from Rochdale and the City of Manchester. Labour has done well and also gained a record number of Bangladeshi-Brit MP’s elected who are justly proud of their dual heritages, as we can be of them.

A special congratulation came from Charity Fundraiser Muz Khan who hurtled onto the stage straight from completing from the Great Manchester Run where he ran on behalf of Christies. His message was a somewhat breathless “Well Done Labour, Well done New Councillors, New Goverment in 2015, Sorry I’m dressed like this I ran straight here, Phew-Gasp-Water-Please”

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