Labour Holds Manchester Central but Voter Turn-Out is Lowest Since WW2

Are politicians not trying hard enough to connect with voters? Other than when reporting on events, I can recall meeting only 2 local politicians pounding the streets – a Conservative during the 2010 General Election and in the recent council elections the local Labour candidate who actually knocked on the door! If voters and politics are so disconnected what can can be done to get people involved, not just the party faithful who dutifully go to meetings. How to invigorate them and everyone else, who are ultimately the ones determining the results.

Is it time to add some X-Factor to politics?

Clearly there is some-factor missing and parties are suffering from voter apathy and general political-fatigue. On for part, we the people, the voters must remember that – politicians, after all work for us, not the other way round.
We get to hire and fire them depending on their perceived performance – we are the boss, so we should be out there on election nights doing our job.

The by-election for M.P. of Manchester Central was won by Lucy Powell

taking over the seat vacated by Labour M.P. Tony Lloyd’s  who gave up the seat to run as Labour’s for the position of Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester.

Lucy holds on to the parliamentary seat of Manchester Central for Labour with an impressive majority of 9,936 votes, amounting to 69% of the total number of votes cast in this election. Second came Liberal Democrat Marc Ramsbottom with 1,571 votes. Matthew Sephton the Conservative’s candidate came third with just 754 votes – only 5 more votes that UKIP’s Chris Cassidy.

While the winner is to be congratulated it should be noted that at present popular dissatisfaction with the present government is likely to be high, which is likely to play well for labour votes. Additionally this Parliamentary by-election has had the lowest turn-out of voters since World War 2, at which time when imagine the population were struggling with far greater problems.

While the results for the Police Commissioners elections are not yet available – the number of  voters appears to have been as abysmal as predicted.