Final Election Debate

2010 election all stars

Tonight things got more heated as the candidates were able to take each other on about policies and trade pot shots at each other. Gordon Brown got yesterday’s embarrassment out of the way right up-front continuing that the most important thing was his management of the economy, that he was the best one to shepherd the economy in times good or bad. This time Nick Clegg got a bit of a bashing from both sides, but fought back better than expected.

Once again David Cameron avoided taking on his opponents directly when questioned. Again he was unable to back up assertions about tax cuts not effecting services because everything could be done by “efficiencies”. When questioned on the practicality of immigration “capping” when many of the migrant workers in question are from our partners in Europe – he simply turned away and ignored the question (from Clegg) completely – Clegg being forced to asked him to answer yes or no twice with no result.  Rarely facing his opponents (or member of the audience) when answering he instead pitched his message directly to the camera and the audience at home, like a party broadcast in the form of a statement of “this is what needs to be done” not an actual answer to the question. Maybe that’s his idea of being authoritative, I don’t think it would wash at Prime Mister’s Questions in the house.
(Note to future candidates: assertion is not the same as debate, it’s not the internet.)

A Winner? hard to say – but by this time next week maybe we will have one.