MAHDLO MAHDLAUNCH at T-100 and Counting

Today saw the pre-launch celebrations of MAHDLO and the countdown has begun. The state-of- the-art young-people’s centre opens 100 Days from now, 1,499 days since work first started on the project. A key feature of the celebration was the unveiling of the impressive Welcome-Stone created and presented to MAHDLO by Brian Smith of Lloyd and Smith Stonemasons. Jump to the Gallery

Welcome Stone for MAHDLO

…not just to take a lead from Bolton but take their results as a starting point and really show Greater Manchester and the rest of country what we are made of!

Norman Stoller CBE, President MAHDLO
Norman Stoller CBE at launch

One of the key aims of MADHLO is to create an exciting environment that  young people can use, cheaply to pursue their own, creative goals, build confidence and make their own decisions and to provide that experience from the moment they come through the door. The building itself has been designed with input and guidance from young people to provide the colour and hustle’n’bustle of the street and channel that energy into the facilities within. MAHDLO is aiming high, to be a beacon of a revitalised OLDHAM as Norman Stoller CBE put it “…really show Greater Manchester and the rest of country what we are made of”. Councillor Shoab Akhtar, Deputy Leader of Oldham Council said it was about “making new friends, extending skills…building confidence”.

It’s like we are not just talking about MAHDLO here, but Oldham itself.

It might be said that in many ways Oldham never really figured out what to do with itself after the era of the mill-towns was over. The mills became mail-order warehouses then “Enterprise Units” A creative hub has long been a dream of the town, of creating a “West-End” on Union Street starting with the Gallery Oldham/Library and Learning Centre. We always had the wonderful Coliseum of course, and the Lyceum, the College and then came the Uni and now MAHDLO. There are numerous  people around doing creative stuff and goodwill aplenty for this, so while it maybe a little more scattered around town – a ring rather than a hub, it shows promise and we should all back it – then finally Oldham can make its regeneration for the 21st Century come alive . If we have to turn OLDHAM on its head- Make it happen!

MAHDLO goes live and kicking March 19 2012

The event at Gallery Oldham in Pictures

Like MAHDLO, Oldham must be – Active, Creative, Sorted, Ahead, Connectedmahdlo-poster


1 Bolton is home to the widely praised Bolton Lads & Girls Club where On-Side developed the “youth zone” model.