MAHDLO Launches a Building for the Future

A spectacular building and a powerful statement.

Bill Holroyd, chairman and founder of OnSide told us that in addition to council support Mahdlo has had £1.5M in funding from the private sector companies in Oldham – enough to run it for the first 3 years. A project that all those involved and the whole town could be proud of and that it was designed to send a message that the town cares about it’s young people. A project not only built on time but on budget too and praised all those involved from the inspiration, inception through to construction.

Jim Mc Mahon of Oldham Council pointed out that it would be a place for people to come together from all around the area.

Norman Stoller OBE, spoke of the dream: worked for, fought for and finally achieved. How everyone has done such a fantastic job, ultimately realised in the iconic building – and how The real work is about to begin as it opens its doors on Monday. Open to all with respect for themselves the place and others, it will stand alongside the campus and Science Centre as investment in our young people.

Chantel Birtwistle, Oldham’s youth mayor also congratulated all involved and confirmed the way in which young people have been involved every step of the way in realising the dream from its design onwards.

A performance “Perfect Life” by students of Oldham College demonsrtated how the new “Youth Zone” could be a better, safer place to meet new people – as yourself contrasted with the fake personas so easily adopted on the ‘net.

This was followed by an uplifting dance performance “Synergy” by Earl dance.

All the while the building was bustling with swarms of interested groups being given tours of the building.


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