Miliband v Miliband?

The Labour Leadership ballot starts on Wednesday the 1st of September and runs until the 24th September with a one day gap before the Labour Party Conference starting on the 26th.

The hopefuls set to battle it out for the job of  re-invigorating Labour for the next generation, forging a new New Labour. There are two potential leaders clearly ahead – each with  considerably more than twice the support of the other worthies.

The Contenders:

Figures represent the total declared support from the labour party website

Diane Abbot 56
Ed Balls 51
Andy Burnham 79
David Miliband 255
Ed Miliband 229

The Star Players
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting in the Red corner – David Miliband and in the other Red corner – Ed Miliband! It’s brother against brother slugging it out in a fight to the finish.

Actually it will probably be a bit more civilised than that, but it might make for an interesting few weeks to watch as they as they go a few rounds before the conference, at which the victor will emerge. Will the other get to be Chancellor? (We got a pretty great chancellor  after the last contest – it could work again)

With the figures as they stand it a small swing could determine the result – but unlike May’s General Election this time only one leader can win. It will make for an interesting few weeks as we see the two brothers slugging it out to be Number One with maybe a good chance of being the next PM. If Labour can be smart in opposition and be the fresh looking party at the next election, hopefully with ideals intact and a new both progressive and pragmatic plan for the future. Depending on how the current coalition plans develop or even unwind – there may be a host of disappointed Liberal supporters  looking for a more sympathetically progressive place to drop their votes in a few years time.