Mohammad Yunus in Oldham

Following his appearance at Salford University on Saturday, Sunday saw Social Enterprises Evangelist Professor Mohammad Yunus speaking to a packed council chamber in Oldham to members of the council and a large number of Bangladeshi community.

A very different audience from the academic audience of the previous day, many were local business-people as well as members of local organisations working in the community and councillors from nearby towns. All were very much admiring of the man’s achievement and standing but also a showed particular pride too in the Chittagong-born  gent’s global status. The questions from the audience were different too, more focussed and down to earth – from the grass roots. Queries along the lines of “how can we apply this?” – practical economics for once – not politics. Following the appearance, with less than an hour to go before getting a train from Piccadilly Manchester the Prof. generously took part in a photo opportunity for the audience. What an opportunity, in what must be a unique display of enthusiasm in the council chamber the crowd descended like rock fans after a concert – just about everyone in the room wanted a picture with the superstar and, just about everyone did.