More News from Media City Westwood

media burstMore news about the news –  a new newspaper “Kagoj” is now being launched in Oldham.

The first edition should be available available next Tuesday lunchtime. The Kagoj team have been working night and day to make this happen so good luck – we wish them well. They will be joining Jonosheba, Probash and Spice City in the increasingly crowed media market around the Oldham community.

In the years since our own launch at the beginning of 2008, we have seen an explosion of media in the area:  six months months after our debut early in January we were joined in late July that year by Jonosheba – printed in Bangla; whereas we were printed in English. A few years later to be joined by Probash Bangla and Spice City followed.

Following the launch of JTV we jokingly referred to “Media City Westwood” but now even more mediapreneurs have been inspired to have a go, with potentially 2 more papers in addition to Kagoj and 2 more consortia who want to launch studios and also provide content to the satellite TV channels. It’s truly amazing!

We just hope these guys realise just how much time an effort goes into filling the pages of a newspaper week after week or delivering even just a couple of hours of fresh, live chat daily.  Good luck to you all and welcome to the media circus.

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