Natya Parishad, Kolthakoli in Sylhet celebrates with a week of Drama

theatre festivalSyhlet enjoyed a week long Drama Festival from March 19th to the 25th celebrating 25 years of Natya Parishad despite the lack of specific theatrical venue. Guests included Theatre Federation Secretary General Jhuna Chowdhury who conducted the event, Tarique Anam Khan and freedom fighter Nizamuddin Lashkarsent.
Speakers at the event emphasised the importance of theatre in reflecting life and its contributuion to social and cultural activities in sylhet.
The festival sponsored by Royal City Housing of Sylhet was held at the M Saifur Rahman Auditorium and featured theatre groups from the region staging plays.
The weeks programme included:
Natyakendra of Dhaka “Aroj Charitamrita”
Natyakendra of Dhaka “Dalim Kumar”
Kolthakoli of Sylhet’s production of “Court Martial.
The Centre for Asian Theatre’s with “Bhelua Sundari”
Uttaradhikar of Chittagong is scheduled to stage “Sampan Naiya”
Jibon Sanket of Habiganj Strir Potro”
Nagarnat of Sylhet will perform “Har Dhanu Bhongo”
Natyaloke’s “Shasti”