Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

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From Prison to President, the man that was Nelson Mandela is no-more.

The legend that is Nelson Mandela will live on providing hope and inspiration around the world. After 27 years of imprisonment for his opposition to Apartheid  one of the remarkable things was his attitude towards his former captors – forgiveness. In an interview after becoming president he said in effect “of course I am bitter, but there is no time for that – we have a country to rebuild”.

Many tributes have already been made by heads of state, politicians and citizens of the world .

Denis Goldberg was a friend of Nelson Mandela and anti-apartheid activist who was also imprisoned for more than 20 years and said “I’m saddened his life has come to an end. But it hasn’t come to an end – he lives in our constitution, our society, he lives in the comradeship that he always talked about.”

Like others in the world who have struggled against massive odds for freedom it’s not only the life of a man to be honoured, but the legacy and example that remains a for all humanity ,a heroic story of near biblical proportions. More than enough for a lifetime.