New 51 Megawatt Power Plant at Fenchuganj

fenuganj power-plant picture by bangla-powerBangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina opened the new gas-powered power station owned by Barakatullah Electro Dynamics Limited at Fenchuganj on Sunday 4th April as part of the government plan to add 3,000 Megawatts to the country’s power capacity by the year 2013 and increase power generation to 20,000 MW by 1021.
At the opening ceremony the PM announced that deals were already in place to build plants that will supply an additional 1000 MW. The Fenchuganj plant has in fact being contributing power to the national grid since last October.
Currently about 47% of the population of Bangladesh have access to electricity with the country’s 44 generating plants supplying 4,000 MW per day against a peak demand of 5,300 MW.
Rural areas are a now priority to assist in crop irrigation.

To date the Awami League government has succeeded in increasing the nation’s electrical power capacity by 531 MW since January 2009 and promises more to come from a mixture of private and public projects and called on more ex-pats to invest saying “It is not possible for the government to implement all the power projects by itself.” The upcoming projects include a Tk 7,000 crore-project to generate 530MW (recently approved) and a transmission line from Bamphur, India which will supply 250MW in 2012