New Supermarket Launched at the Anchor

supermarket with big fishSonali Supermarket of Small Heath, Birmingham have opened a new branch in the refurbished Anchor Mill on Featherstall Road, Oldham.
While the wedding and function suites on the first floor of the Mill are still  to open the ground floor has been home to a range for shops for some while now and they have  recently been joined by the new Sonali Supermarket. The new addition seems to have been something of an instant hit with shoppers although local shops are understandably concerned at the appearance of a supermarket on their doorsteps.
It’s a familiar worry similar to when the likes of  Tesco, Sainburys, and Asda first appeared – many of the traditional corner shops around Oldham indeed suffered from the impact. However supermarkets tend to draw greater customer traffic into the area from a far larger catchment. Shops with focus and those who adapt can not only survive but thrive benefiting from the increased custom into the area. We can already signs of this in specialist shops nearby such as the sweet-shop Banoful – directly opposite the mill.  Often we buy essentials from supermarkets but buy favourites and special items from dedicated small shops.