No Overall Majority in the Polls

voting resultsUK Election Results Summary:

As indicated by the exit polls last night, no party has a significant majority.

The final results show just a 5% swing to the Conservatives and although they have more seats than Labour – not enough. This means that none of the parties can govern alone.

For the Conservatives David Cameron says that “Labour has lost it’s mandate” but it’s clear that his party doesn’t have one either and as predicted by many pundits (including ourselves) we now have a so-called “hung parliament” and no party has a carte-blanche to push through it’s agenda.

With all the results now declared [1. Thirsk & Malton will hold the election on the 27th May due to the death of a candidate during the campaign.] the figures show that the Conservative vote has increased by just under 4% while Labour has dropped by 6.2% and the Lib-Dem’s increased by 1%.
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Parliamentary Election Seats

The Conservatives have 306 seats with 10,592,258 votes (36%)
The Labour Party now has 258 seats with 8,509,376 votes,  (29% )
The Liberal Democrats have 57 seats with 6,751,78 votes (23%)
that’ s almost three-quarters of the the number of votes scored by Labour but less than one third as many seats.
Other parties have  28 seats (11.9%). 0 Respect and 0 BNP.

Brighton has our our first Green MP
Bethnal Green & Bow was won by Rushanara Ali for Labour – our first female Bangladeshi MP

Oldham saw Labour’s Micheal Meacher (Labour) & Phil Woolas holding their seats – although the challengers put up a good fight.
Details –
Oldham West & Royton
Oldham East & Saddleworth

Oldham Council
Labour 27
Liberal Democrat 27
Conservatives 5
Independent 1

The average turnout for the local election in Oldham was around 64%
Full Results & Details

Leaflets Collected During the 10 days before the Election

  • Labour 6
  • Conservatives 3
  • Lib-Dem 1
  • Green 0
  • Respect 0
  • Independent 1
  • BNP 1
  • Takeaways 15
  • From this data we predicted a landslide for the takeaways
  • :)