Oldham Student Mofozzul to Spend Easter Holiday Studying…In China

Mofozzul Choudhury Imran

Oldham student Mofozzul Choudhury Imran will be spending his Easter immersed in Chinese culture after beating off stiff competition from thousands of other UK students to take one of 400 places on an educational programme known as Study China.

Founded in 2007 Study China is a government funded initiative which encourages UK students to study abroad, developing skills and awareness to live and work in the global community. It allows students to experience a brief but diverse introduction to China.

A student at the University of Huddersfield’s Oldham Campus, Mofozzul, 26, was determined to get accepted onto the programme and enlisted the help of the University’s Careers and Employability Service to ensure his application was the best it could be.

“When I heard about the Study China programme I thought it was an amazing opportunity. As a country with one of the world’s fastest growing economies and largest populations I couldn’t miss out on a chance not to experience three weeks in China, particularly as I am a Business Management and Administration student.

So passionate about the programme, Mofozzul – who is the Student Union Chair at the Oldham campus and also the first Oldham student ever to be accepted on the programme – has also put himself forward to be considered as one of the speakers for the trip’s closing ceremony.

While out in China, Mofozzul will receive over 40 hours of Chinese language classes, in an attempt to help strengthen his relationship and understanding of the country.

Alongside language classes, Mofozzul will also be immersed in Chinese culture by means of a number of exciting and interesting activities which include Tai Chi, calligraphy, kite making, attending an archaeological dig and numerous excursions.

Mofozzul also hopes to fill any free time he has with his own trips to Chinese businesses, so he can learn more about how they work.

Although accommodation and living expenses are covered by the Study China programme, the cost of  flights are an expense Mofozzul has had to cover himself. Keen to share his experiences in China in relation to both business and culture the 26 year old is planning to hold a number of events where he can impart his knowledge of the country.

“I would love it if I could find a sponsor to cover the cost of my flights. In return I would happily share my experiences with them and mention their name at the events I wish to hold on my return”.

Mofozzul Choudhury Imran is the first ever Bangali student to be in this Scholarship Programme.