Oldham Youth Forum Soccer Sunday Success

In spite of wildly changeable weather on the day – which swung between torrential downpour and brilliant sunshine, the OYF’s Under 21’s Seven-a-side football tournament on the 1st certainly met its goal. Two matches were played at a time, one on each of the side-by-side pitches from 10am until 3.00pm When the final was played to determine the ultimate winning team of the day. Of course all the teams played hard, but someone has to win. All teams and those taking part were duly congratulated and presentations made at the end of the day – and finished just in time for everyone to to go home and…watch the other footy on T.V.

The Oldham Youth Forum Under  21s Football Tournament  is a growing event, in 2010 they has 14 teams participating, in 20011 – 16 teams and this year in 2012 – 18 teams.

2012 Results:

Winners –  FC Bengal
Runners up – Coppice Rangers
3rd place – Noya  Boys
Man of the match – JAKIR KHAN
Fair team – Oldham FC

Teams Playing:

FC Bengal
Coldwest Youngsters
Elite 10
Noya Boys
FC Athletico
The Legends
Shajalal FC
Chaddy Bafanas
All Star FC
Red Star C
Red Star A
Red Star B
Real Bengal
St Marys Stars
Oldham Tigers
Coppice Rangers
Oldham FC