Oldham’s 100 in 100 Apprenticeships Drive

oldham council logoOldham Council is launching an innovative campaign with partners which aims to recruit 100 local apprentices in 100 days.

The drive coincides with National Apprenticeship Week (February 7-11) and will finish on May 9, 2011.

The Local Authority and a range of partner organisations are joining forces to promote awareness amongst local employers and would-be apprentices, plus stakeholders such as businesses organisations and local media.

The campaign partnership is made up of: National Apprenticeship Service; Oldham Council; The Oldham College; YMCA; OTC; Mantra Learning; Oldham Evening Chronicle; Rathbones; and Positive Steps Oldham.

The new initiative aims to spread the word about apprenticeship opportunities across the Borough and their value to the local economy.

Apprenticeships are open to all age groups above 16 – whether a candidate is just leaving school, has already been in employment, or would like to update skills and is seeking a new career.

Howard Sykes, Oldham Council Leader, said: “This is an exciting campaign which will benefit local businesses, young people and adults.”

“We all know the economic climate is challenging at present and it is important that Oldham Council and its partners are acting together to show leadership.

“We hope this scheme will send a positive message to the entire community and benefit our local economy by giving school leavers their first steps onto the jobs ladder, supporting people into education and a career, and providing vital tools for local businesses to grow their workforce and increase productivity.

“Together we hope to create 100 apprenticeships in 100 days by promoting their many benefits to businesses and adults or young people who either want to ‘upskill’ or make a career change.”

Oldham Council has aleady made a major commitment towards the success of this campaign by advertising for the recruitment of 35 Level 2 apprentices in a range of positions on 12-month fixed-term contracts
All apprentices are employed and will get a wage. . (application for these 35 positions closed 11 feb):

– Apprentice Business Support Assistant x 3
– Apprentice Youth Work x 2
– Apprentice Procurement Assistant
– Apprentice Administration Assistant
– Apprentice Teaching Assistant x 2
– Apprentice Project Support Assistant x 2
– Apprentice Sports Development x 2
– Apprentice Arborist
– Apprentice Gardener
– Apprentice Technical Officer
– Apprentice Parks and Street Scene Operative x 19

Councillor Sykes added: “Having an apprentice within your team can bring an array of benefits to your business.”

“An apprentice brings a whole new perspective with new ideas and ways of working to your organisation. They in turn gain new skills and insights and the opportunity to also access various subsidised training that will help them plan for a brighter employment future. Apprentices can also increase the motivation and skills of your existing staff.”

If you are a local employer or would-be apprentice and would like to find out more about eligibility, costs, responsibilities and the benefits of apprenticeships, please contact Rohema Khan, Passport to Employment Coordinator, on 0161 770 4524 or email [email href=”rohema.khan@oldham.gov.uk”]Rohema Khanl[/email]