One Year Later – Some Coalition Considerations

coalition lesson following local elections one year on

Last May those of us who thought a hung parliament with a bi or multi-partisan coalition government working together for the best interest of country could be a good thing really didn’t imagine the partnership that would result.

Who could have.  As it turned out a Lib-Lab deal was a non-starter as that would still have had the numbers against it.

At which point the Liberal Democrats were doomed.

Whatever happened next, they would get the blame. –

Indeed following the local elections yesterday –  it looks like they did.

If they’d said Nay to the Conservatives, there would have been another election… hardly a popular move.

It would then have been their fault for not playing ball with the only party with whom they could make up the numbers.

If, as they did – they went in with the Conservatives
many Liberals would be – and one year later, still are sceptical. Many would not think this a natural partnership at all and that their leaders had sold them out while saying  “But we’re doing it to provide a stable government”.

If the coalition breaks down and the government does not run a full term
– then they will be painted as “Wishy washy Libs: Not up-to the job”, “No head for the hard decisions a government is faced with” and again would be blamed for causing another election and be thrashed and trashed in the polls as a result.

If the government does last the full term
, they will blamed for not mitigating the nastier excesses of the Conservatives… and painted as having sold out for their cabinet posts etc. – How can you convincingly campaign against a party that you actually have been in the cabinet of and sharing the duties of government with.

Once again, they get thoroughly thrashed and trashed as a result.
It’s hard to see how this shotgun marriage can end happily for the Liberals.

It’s good to have a guys like Vince Cable and Chris Huhne in government… any Government, even one that includes the likes of William Haigh and  I D S . In fact the “new” government look s like  it contains a lot of leftovers from the Conservative government of 12 years ago still stuck in the pot – with even Norman Tebbit and Ken Clarke lurking in the wings. They must be smiling now. David Cameron may have his own brand of “New Thinking” but these guys are not hanging around just for decoration.

Meanwhile Labour did govern for a historic 3 terms
, which is probably as much as we can now tolerate of any party before getting bored and changing channels on them. They must reboot and refresh and comeback at the next election when everyone will be fed-up with the coalition. They need to come back full of  that “New Generation, New Thinking” that was proclaimed last year at the installation of their new leader who seems to be  mostly “Ed the Invisible “.

For the Conservatives…well, there are no cons.
If you like what they do then fine –  the Libs were just serving the tea, if not It’s the all fault of the limp Liberals who couldn’t cut it, didn’t have what it takes to push through the tough measures that were needed etc. etc.

(this article was prepared shortly after last year’s General Election and Ed Miliband’s election as Labour leaser – ready for this first anniversary of the new government; only the reference to the recent council elections was added)