Phone Issues Cause Fundraising Event Changes for Oldham Central Masjid

As avid fans of developments in Westwood’s Media City we were sorry to hear of the problems at JTV that caused a fund-raising event to be pulled at the last minute. Oldham Central Mosque were to have had a live fund-raiser on ATN this Wednesday, hosted by local content provider JTV.  Unfortunately a previous fund-raising event a couple of days earlier from the JTV studio is  reported to have experienced significant problems with their phone-in and it looked like the system would be unable to cope, preventing the OMC from going on.

However, amid the inevitable anger, frustration and recriminations the community went into action – and  in the British  tradition of  “Keep Calm and Carry On” – they quickly came up with a new plan and are currently distributing leaflets for a new fund-raising event, to be held live on Channel i (Sky 844) on 20th Ramadan – August 8th from 5pm to 4am. We helped out putting together a 30 sec TV spot to announce the event which is now be airing on Channel-i and until the day of the appeal. During the program they will be showing a longer video with words from prominent members of the community and showing more views of the building work in progress.

Oh, and watch out for a star performance by the young man at the beginning of the TV ad.

The event -20th Ramadan – Aug 8th, 5pm – 4am on Channel i (Sky 844)