Police & Crime Commissioner Election 15th Nov

Regional Police and Crime Commissioner Elections on November 15th.

Election PolicemanIt’s a big job, replacing the former police authorities with one man who will have the power to to hire & fire the Chief Constable and whose responsibilities include administration of the region’s police budget and setting priorities for the force.

For our region, Greater Manchester the Candidates we have previously written about one of them as we were invited to one of the first events being held in Oldham and followed up at a couple more.

Here is an overview of the candidates.

For the Conservatives –
Michael Winstanley, a former Mayor of Wigan and Counillor for 11 years, currently working in the NHS as Data Analyst.

For the Liberal Democrats
Matt Gallagher a former front-line police officer with 30 years’ service in Manchester’s Tactical Aid Unit.

For Labour –
Tony Lloyd, a Manchester M.P. with 29 years in Parliament, 7 for Central Manchester and served in several significant positions in his party.

For UKIP –
Lawyer Steven Woolfe of Moss Side, party spokeman for finance & business.

An Independant Candidate, Roy Warren of Trafford is a former Magistrate.

As suggested in our previous article, this is a poorly understood election, with apparently little canvassing to be seen by candidates and a potentially abysmal turnout by voters – but it’s important role and not to be ignored. It’s worth nipping out in the cold on a dark knight next Thursday to ensure that your voice is heard in an election of someone who will have a direct effect on policing in your city, neighbourhood and region.